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Crema Coffee House

Noah and I ran in the same circles in college at Fort Lewis in Durango and lived across from one another on Third Avenue and Florida. Back then, I knew him as the super warm guy across the street who had Ini Kamoze for a ringtone on his mobile phone and hosted paper bag wine parties in which we rated our favorites with sharpie.
The Fika Passport Espresso

He moved to Denver long before Drew and I did but I didn’t really know what he was up to until Courtney told me he owned and ran Crema, The Populist, and Finn’s Manor. I should have been able to do that mental math myself because when we waited tables together as college tots, he was always a customer favorite and hungry people constantly asked to sit in his section.

Crema latte

Now that I have that smug “I know people” brag out of the way, let me state that Crema makes the best latte in Denver County. My version features almond milk but the bean selection at this little corner of Larimer and 29th is the cat’s pajamas. Drew can’t get enough of their espresso (varieties include Novo, Intelligentsia, Boxcar, Huckleberry Roasters, and Stumptown, to name just a few) and they also sell pastries, breakfast bites, and fresh juice. On a recent visit, we used the FIKA passport, which brings my husband total glee. He loves points, deals, and loyalty. It his jam, his jelly, and his peanut butter.

Crema mural

Go to there. Okay, bye!

Crema is on the book of Faces, Twitter, and Insta.

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Crooked Stave Artisan Beer

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project is a gift to the world.

Our good friends, Nate and Christine, were in town over a long weekend and as any good Denver local will do, we had to show them The Source. We walked in, looked around at a few shops, gawked at the pastries, smelled the flowers, and sampled some cheese. We were nearly finished with our little tour when Christine wanted to find out what was going on in the back room. So, we ventured a little further and found Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Before walking in, I knew all about Crooked Stave. As a massive Saison fan, it’s one of my favorite breweries in Denver. Every single beer they make is worth the (sometimes) hefty (yet albeit worth it) price tag. Christine, a fellow sour fan, had to walk in and give the place a try.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Let’s just say Christine enjoyed herself. Crooked Stave was a big hit and if you haven’t been, go immediately.

Beer List:

  • Vielle
  • Colorado Wild Sage
  • Surette
  • Autumn Surette
  • St. Bretta Pomelo
  • Pure Guava Petite Sour


  • It’s hard to keep up with their Limited Release schedule so be sure to stop in often but, if they have it, order the Nightmare on Brett.
    • This beer is aged in Leopold Brothers Apple Whiskey Barrels and is nothing short of incredible.


  • Vielle – If you can’t get your hands on a Limited Release, like the Nightmare on Brett, the Vielle is a great Crooked Stave staple. This is a barrel-aged Saison that’s lightly dry hopped and has lemon skin, pear, and dusty apple notes. Give it a try!


  • Luckily, Crooked Stave is surrounded by great options. Walk over to Comida for some Stella’s pork carnitas tacos.

Insider Tip:

  • For your D.D. friends, they have Happy Leaf on tap!



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IZZE Sparkling Water Bottles

IZZE Sparkling Water Release Party!

I pee down my leg just a little when writing informal posts at Colfax & Downing gets us randomly invited to fun Denver happenings. First, the new burger menu at Tony’s and now the launch party for IZZE’s new sparkling water, held at Comida at The Source a few weeks back.

IZZE Sparkling Water Launch at Comida at The Source

About six months into our relationship, I converted Drew into a sparkling water addict. I call carbonated water of any kind, “sparklies.” At his birthday dinner in February during Denver Restaurant Week, Drew quickly covered his glass of San Pellegrino with his palm when a server came by to fill it with plain water, saying, “No thank you, this is sparklies,” much to his delayed horror.

Though we enjoy bald eagle tears, neither of us drinks pop on a regular basis and IZZE’s sparkling juice has never been something we buy so we were excited to see what the new water line was all about.

First of all, I could barely make it through the front entrance to the event because I was so enchanted by the violinist they hired for the evening:

A video posted by clareyfrey (@clareyfrey) on

Once inside, we were inside of a Pinterest wet dream. Underneath a gigantic chandelier of IZZE bottles, the staff at Comida was passing around amuse bouche and themed cocktails.

IZZE Sparkling Water Cocktails

Drew sipped on a chilly cherry Collins and I grabbed a Blackberry Pear bottle of a huge ice bucket. We munched on peanut brittle, burrata with tomato arugula and Serrano peppers with chicken liver pate.

Appetizers from Comida at the Source IZZE Sparking Water Launch

Each little dish was paired with one of the new three flavors, Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime, and Raspberry Watermelon. My favorite: Blackberry Pear. Drew’s favorite: Blackberry Pear. Take it or leave it: Mandarin Lime.

IZZE Nail Polish at Sparking Water Launch

As you left the tiny gala, you were handed a paper bag to fill with colorful treats. The IZZE-branded nail polish selection would have charmed our dear friend Katy, who paints fantastic nail art for a living.

Colfax & Downing at IZZE Sparkling Water Launch

This post is not sponsored and we will always tell you if it is. In this case, we just love IZZE! Want to try a complimentary four-pack? Leave a comment on this post! On September 10, we’ll select two random winners to receive a coupon for a free four-pack from your neighborhood grocery store. Cheers!

IZZE is on Facebook, Tweeter and the ‘gram and you can find the new H2O adventures under the hashtags #friendsdaynight and #sparklebrightly.

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