Drew and I have been slowly eating our way through the variety of restaurants that have sprung up around the revamped Union Station. We wandered into Hopdoddy Burger Bar with burger cravings and, after a few bites, were pleased as punched with our decision.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Sitting Area

It’s a tad disorienting when you enter. A friendly host(ess) greets you and tells you about the table you will sit at after ordering, pointing to it. You remember the table tent number (to tell the order taker) and its location (to make your way over to it after you order).

Hopdoddy Burger

Drew had El Diablo, an Angus beef patty with pepper jack, carmelized onions, serrano and habenero chiles and salsa roja. He held the chipotle mayo per his hatred of condiments. I tried La Bandita, a black bean and corn patty topped with avocado, goat cheese, arugula, cilantro pesto and chipotle mayo. It’s no easy feat finding a veggie burger at a dining establishment that’s not a freezer-burned, overcooked Boca patty to the tune of $8 or more. I’m looking at you, Sunnyside Burger. Not cool. Hopdoddy’s veggie version was a complete delight. I’m not interested in faux meats– who wants to eat something that’s imitating something else? Their black bean and corn burger was fresh, savory and best of all, mushroom-free. The only fungi I need in my life is Drew.

La Bandita Hopdoddy Burger

Their garlic fries? To die. About El Diablo, Drew says, “Not as spicy as advertised! The perfect balance between heat and flavor.”

Garlic Fries Hopdoddy Burger

Condiment enthusiasts (see: me) will appreciate the massive station of mayo, ketchup and mustard options. Surveying this bounty with my plate in hand, I asked a server incredulously, “Am I allowed to be back here?!” and she laughed and reassured me that they were available for the taking. Hopdoddy makes their own buns (including a gluten-free option) and features craft beer from only local, artisanal brewers that create small batches. Bonus points to Hopdoddy for having a burger on special the night we went named “the Boris.”

Hopdoddy Burger Buns

You can find Hopdoddy on 17th and Wynkoop or in Addison, Austin, Dallas and Scottsdale. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and the ‘gram. They have a Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake with my name on it for our second visit. It will be mine.

Colfax and Downing