It’s mid-April, which means yesterday was the home opener for the Colorado Rockies in their 20th year, starting strong with a win against the Cubs. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m a man of soccer first and foremost. Even so, I can certainly appreciate the fine smell of popcorn and the beauty of brightly lit bleachers against an orange horizon. Clare has very fond memories of her late Grandma Rose, a dedicated Rockies fan, wearing purple and white costume jewelry and yelling at the television.

Colorado Rockies Home Opener 2015

It’s no secret that the lower downtown area becomes a total a sea of purple. Later in the day, we often have the pleasure of watching fans puke on street corners and urinate against unsuspecting parked cars.

When the wife and I attend, we tend to take advantage of the affordable Rockpile tickets. New as of last year, multiple restaurants and breweries have been developed in the right field. There’s also luxurious seating with screens, fire pits and rowdy games of cornhole (hat tip to you, Midwest). To keep it real, we never stay for an entire game. I tip back a couple of (overpriced) Oskar Blues drafts and Clare gets her stadium nachos fix and we head home by the fifth inning.

Colorado Rockies 2015 Season Opener First Base Entrance

Early last year, a friend tipped us off to this website: Is there a fucking Rockies game today? We visit it regularly to figure out if parking or driving downtown will be a circus. This open source project is the creation of a clever fellow named Eric Bauer. Eric, we would love your comment below about what prompted the project. It seems as though the 2015 season dates aren’t yet populated but we highly recommend bookmarking this page.

Take me out to the ball game!