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Cafe Max European Coffee Shop

Cafe Max: A Little Taste of Europe on Colfax

There’s something special going on at Cafe Max.

The cafe is part restaurant, coffeehouse and bar meets minimalistic European design. In fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon to come here for a nice plate of hummus, French press or cocktail… it just makes sense.

Cafe Max Denver

The Design

I’ve been to Cafe Max twice now and each time, there seems to be a little souvenir or knickknack I notice for the first time. From the Italian phrasebook in the bookshelf to Russian nesting dolls on the countertop or the succulents in the window. The Mad Men furniture, coupled with white walls and well-placed artwork makes the space feel open and comfortable.

If you’re looking to work here, be warned that you’ll need to be sure your computer’s battery is charged before you go. Wall outlets are sparse but I managed to find one closest to the front window on the west side of the wall. *ProTip

Cafe Max Doll

Cafe Max Piano Denver

The Coffee

Anyone will tell you that I have a problem with espresso… a problem that I intend to never fix. So it might come as a surprise to hear that I didn’t order my normal double shot of espresso at Cafe Max. Instead, I got a French press and a cafe con leche over the course of my two visits.

Cafe Max’s French press was honestly just okay. Nothing surprising about it. In fact, the design of the press itself was one of the coolest things about the entire presentation but for my money, I’d order the cafe con leche.

True to the Cuban tradition, their cafe con leche does not use condensed milk. The espresso comes out separately from the leche accompanied by a few cane sugar cubes.

Do yourself a favor and order this the next time you visit. I don’t know if it’s the house speciality but it was damn good.

Cafe Max Denver French Press

The Details


10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Monday – Saturday

10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday

Location: 2412 East Colfax Avenue

Phone: 303.333.0003

Website: Cafe Max

Colfax and Downing Bye For Now





Colfax and Downing Street

What’s In a Name?

First things first! If you have been reading these posts through an email subscription, please forgive our wonky formatting. I believe we have that sorted now. Forgive us for being such n00bs.

When we talked about launching this blog, we fell in love with an alliteration, an adverb that started with the letter D followed by Denver. As we neared our first post, our dapper friend LeVar broke the news to us that a blog by almost the very same name was already in existence. We didn’t want to be those guys.

It was back to the drawing board. We decided we wanted to incorporate Colfax, as its one of Denver’s most storied and impressive avenues.

Colfax Avenue

For years, journalists have recommended driving the length of Colfax if you want to experience the Mile High City in a single day.

Colfax starts with a C. So does Clare. Sooo…What’s a well-known Denver street that begins with a D like Drew does? Downing.

What establishments are actually at the intersection of Colfax and Downing? An unremarkable hotel chain and a Papa John’s. That’s okay. Denver has a bevy of interesting corners, especially along the span of both Colfax and Downing, but this specific corner didn’t need to bear any weighted meaning.

While the blog’s name sounds like a hipster bourbon bar, we promise it’s not.

And that is all.

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