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Tony's Market New Burger Menu

New Burger Menu at Tony’s Market

Tony's Market New Burger Menu with Renegade Brewery

Photo courtesy of Tony’s Market

Tony’s Market is Denver’s oldest family run specialty food store, opened by Tony Rosacci and his family at Dry Creek Road in Centennial all the way back in 1978. Today, the store has four retail locations, a catering division, a barbecue division and a burger and pizza bistro nestled inside the store at their Broadway shop. We happened upon one of the markets the weekend before our wedding last year by chance. We had just visited my Uncle Wayne and popped into the market on Bowles Avenue in Littleton afterward, where we split a killer sandwich and an ice cold Vernor’s.

Last week, we had the honor of being invited with a handful of Denver bloggers (we were delighted to see Courtney and we met Molly from 303 Magazine and food blogger Barbara) and media peeps to visit the store on Broadway to check out their updated burger menu and take a tour with Chef Bucky Jaquess, who joined the management team for Tony’s earlier this year.

Tony's Market Burger Menu

Any chef would be thrilled to work in a restaurant that has this level of talent, not to mention an in-house butcher and grocery. Together with this team and Tony’s resources, we’ve set out to make the perfect burger and pizza. We use classic, imported flour. We make our own compound butter, stock, dressings, pickles, mozzarella and bacon among other things. We do everything we can to control the process and to produce simple yet fun flavors. – Chef Jaquess

Tony's Market Fresh Mozzarella

Boom. This is how fresh mozzarella is made.

Chef Jaquess treated us to small bites of bruschetta, sliders, freshly sliced porchetta, salami and parmesan. We munched while he told us  about running the day-to-day business of Tony’s and how thrilled he was to join the ranks of one of Denver’s most successful families. Afterward, he led us back into the kitchen to watch a batch of fresh buffalo mozzarella being made. After pulling and stretching it carefully and then forming it into precise rounds, the prep chef dunked the cheese in cold water and then sliced it for us to sample. It was truly divine.

Fresh Mozzarella Sliced at Tony's Market


Fresh Mozzarella at Tony's Market Denver

In your hand and into your mouth.

Desserts are my jam, said everyone ever, so I was most excited to swing past the colorful and tempting pastry case to sample a variety of brownies. Not to name names, but Drew was eyeing the key lime tarts pretty fiercely. Key lime pie is his kryptonite.

Tony's Market Sweet Shop

Key Lime Tarts at Tony's Market

We also cooled off in the walk-in freezer to lay our eyes upon the bags and bags of fresh oysters. Oyster Night is a weekly occurrence at the Broadway store on Friday nights beginning at 4 p.m. Stop on in to shoot some back.

Fresh Oysters at Tony's Market

Because he makes friends everywhere he goes, Drew chatted up Kevin from Baere Brewing Company, a friendly fellow who knows his hops and kept Drew’s tulip glass full all night with chilled saison.

Baere Brewery at Tony's Market

Next month, Tony’s will be holding their sixth annual “Local Days” at all four of their locations. This year, a couple dozen Colorado companies will be on-site with samples of their edible goods while the staff at Tony’s roasts chiles and grills burgers for the public. This fab-ness will happen Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at a different Tony’s Market location each week.

  • August 8: Tony’s Market at 7421 W Bowles Ave in Littleton
  • August 15: Tony’s Market at 874 W Happy Canyon Rd in Castle Rock
  • August 22: Tony’s Market at 4991 E Dry Creek Rd in Centennial
  • August 29: Tony’s Market at 950 Broadway in Denver

See you there!

We would love to extend a special thanks to Sara from The Condiment Marketing Co. for inviting us in this awesome event. She was all, “Want to come eat free food?” and we were like, “Take us to your leader.” Thank you, Sara! More info on the new burger menu is available on Tony’s Market blog. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now excuse us while we dream up our next burger adventure.

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El Diablo Hopdoddy Bruger

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Drew and I have been slowly eating our way through the variety of restaurants that have sprung up around the revamped Union Station. We wandered into Hopdoddy Burger Bar with burger cravings and, after a few bites, were pleased as punched with our decision.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Sitting Area

It’s a tad disorienting when you enter. A friendly host(ess) greets you and tells you about the table you will sit at after ordering, pointing to it. You remember the table tent number (to tell the order taker) and its location (to make your way over to it after you order).

Hopdoddy Burger

Drew had El Diablo, an Angus beef patty with pepper jack, carmelized onions, serrano and habenero chiles and salsa roja. He held the chipotle mayo per his hatred of condiments. I tried La Bandita, a black bean and corn patty topped with avocado, goat cheese, arugula, cilantro pesto and chipotle mayo. It’s no easy feat finding a veggie burger at a dining establishment that’s not a freezer-burned, overcooked Boca patty to the tune of $8 or more. I’m looking at you, Sunnyside Burger. Not cool. Hopdoddy’s veggie version was a complete delight. I’m not interested in faux meats– who wants to eat something that’s imitating something else? Their black bean and corn burger was fresh, savory and best of all, mushroom-free. The only fungi I need in my life is Drew.

La Bandita Hopdoddy Burger

Their garlic fries? To die. About El Diablo, Drew says, “Not as spicy as advertised! The perfect balance between heat and flavor.”

Garlic Fries Hopdoddy Burger

Condiment enthusiasts (see: me) will appreciate the massive station of mayo, ketchup and mustard options. Surveying this bounty with my plate in hand, I asked a server incredulously, “Am I allowed to be back here?!” and she laughed and reassured me that they were available for the taking. Hopdoddy makes their own buns (including a gluten-free option) and features craft beer from only local, artisanal brewers that create small batches. Bonus points to Hopdoddy for having a burger on special the night we went named “the Boris.”

Hopdoddy Burger Buns

You can find Hopdoddy on 17th and Wynkoop or in Addison, Austin, Dallas and Scottsdale. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and the ‘gram. They have a Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake with my name on it for our second visit. It will be mine.

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