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For all its population growth and influx of restaurants and eateries popping up on every imaginable corner, Denver just doesn’t keep pace with vegan dining options compared to other major cities. That’s not to say there aren’t a handful of great places to tuck into a vegan meal but it’s not yet the plant-based mecca that I long for it to become.

Enter Sputnik!

This little dive bar with its unassuming facade on Broadway and Ellsworth serves up cheap beer and comfort food for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. Adding to its hipster points, right next door is the very popular Hi-Dive, an indie music venue. The service is friendly with no nonsense. Every server or bartender we have ever encountered here has thoroughly mussed hair, tattoos in places that were probably painful, a T-shirt you’re not certain is ironic or not, and a quick hand with the coffee refills.

You can’t really ask for anything more.


One of the last times we had brunch here, Drew enjoyed pork ramen off the lunch menu and I ordered a tofu scramble. Also delicious and available all day: the zucchini dog, the restaurant’s surprisingly satisfying take on a corn dog. Drew is a card-carrying steak and potatoes kind of dude and even he can’t recommend the zucchini dogs vigorously enough.

Coffee in an authentic Taz mug from the 90s? Don’t mind if I do.

Despite its humble appearance, Sputnik delivers. I don’t recommend bringing your parents here but if your much cooler, slightly older cousins from Brooklyn come to the Mile High City to visit, they will be impressed. I speak from experience.

From 3 to 7 p.m., the happy hour menu features a variety of beers and small bites ranging from $2 to $6.

To summarize: affordable, tasty food! Cold, cheap beer! Vegan friendly! Warm service! Vinyl booths! Christmas lights!

Sputnik is everywhere you might expect to find a Denver establishment on social media (except Twitter, apparently).

In other news, we’re sorry for neglecting the blog. Sometimes life happens more quickly than we can jot it down. Because you continue to read and stick by us, know that we love you more than is comfortable for you.

Colfax and Downing Bye For Now

Denver Biscuit Company

Vegetarian biscuits and gravy at Denver Biscuit Company

You down with DBC? Yeah, you know me.

Drew and I first discovered the majesty that is Denver Biscuit Company on a trip there in 2011 with brunch sages Whitney and Brian before they ruined my life by moving to Ohio. Drew and I were still Boulderites at the time!

To start, I’ve always been a bit confused by their branding. The restaurant is called Denver Biscuit Company. Inside the establishment is a pizza window / area by the name of Fat Sully’s. Adding confusion to the mix, when you get a text message to confirm that you have been added to their waitlist, it comes from the Atomic Cowboy. All of this is quickly forgivable the moment you bite into their biscuits. Freshly baked. Buttermilk. Biscuits. Would you like them topped with buttermilk fried chicken, Tender Belly bacon, cheddar cheese and shredded iceberg? They have that. Are you an herbivore like me and never able to order biscuits and gravy because it’s usually a sausage party? (And I don’t mean a frat party.) They have vegetarian mushroom gravy. That sound you just heard was the choir of heaven singing through the clouds. What’s that? You have a sweet tooth? Order a side of their honey butter or get all up in some biscuit french toast or strawberry short cake biscuits.

outside Denver Biscuit Company

We brought our friends (and first-timers) Kitzel and Kendall here for breakfast on a Sunday. It was busy, as it tends to be on weekends, and our server forgot to put our order into the point of service system so we waited longer than usual to eat. It happens. When he realized his mistake, he felt overly terrible and brought us some sweet potato fries to tide us over. I told his apologetic manager that they were in good company with a card-carrying former restaurant server sitting at the table. We noshed on these perfect fries with chipotle mayo until the main event arrived.
sweet potato fries

Per usual, I ordered the vegetarian biscuits and gravy. Drew had the cordon bleu, Kendall had the aforementioned Tender Belly bacon combination (the image on the header of this post if you’re viewing this post in your browser) and Kitzel tried the build-your-own business and then added her own vegan bacon that she had brought with her in her purse. She’s my soulmate. These two are moving from Boulder to Denver in the coming weeks and I am thrilled.

Not that I need to add to the appeal of DBC, but they have self-serve Boxcar coffee to the tune of $3 a pop, bottomless. Coffee snobs rejoice.

Well, butter my biscuit! Denver Biscuit Company is located on both Colfax and on South Broadway. We’ve only ever been to the Colfax spot but I’m sure the other location is just as tasty. DBC is also on Insta, Twitter and FB. And I am on them. Forever.

Colfax and Downing Bye For Now

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