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Quixote's True Blue Cafe

Quixote’s True Blue

First things first, some real talk. A bar that is dedicated to paying homage to the Grateful Dead is not our typical stomping ground. I prefer 140-180 beats per minute and Clare loves harmony-heavy music. But when our friend Brian invited us to see his son’s newly formed band, Racket in the Roost, play a show at Quixote’s True Blue on a weeknight recently, we decided to delay our usual pajama time and go out for a drink. Racket in the Roost includes Dylan McCarthy on guitar, Aidan Allen on bass and Mike Tanner on banjo. Style: bluegrass Americana.

Racket in the roost quixote's true blue

Jay Bianchi owns both Quixote’s True Blue downtown and Sancho’s Broken Arrow out on Colfax. Both establishments are prolifically adorned with Grateful Dead paraphernalia and concert posters. If the decorating team behind Cracker Barrel were to outfit a room in tribute to Jerry Garcia, this is surely what it would look like.

Crowd at Quixote's True Blue

Find yourself here if you love $3 PBR, live jam bands and a relaxed, diverse group of people or creep them on Facebook and Twitter if you want to know more.

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The Corner Office at The Curtis Hotel

The Corner Office at The Curtis Hotel

On a recent evening after a performance at the theater, Clare and I decided to kill some time before attempting to leave our spot in the crowded parking garage. Across the street from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the Curtis Hotel and in its lower lobby level sits The Corner Office, which recently won OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice award for 2015. We didn’t know this at the time, obviously, but stopping in here for a chilled drink was a clever idea.

The Corner Office at The Curtis Hotel

Prices are a little steeper here than other bars in the neighborhood but this is a true example of getting what you pay for.

I ordered The Big Easy, a put-hair-on-your-chest cocktail consisting of Rittenhouse rye, Remy Martin VSOP cognac, sweet vermouth, benedictine and absinthe. I’m a beer guy so it always takes me a few sips to remember that I can’t throw it back like a brew and Clare laughs at me while I readjust. If I order not-a-beer, I tend to order manhattans and old fashioneds and this was a fun spin on that concept. Clare doesn’t drink alcohol and asked Matt, the bartender, to surprise her with something sans gasoline. He made a freshly muddled strawberry lemonade and poured it into a petite champagne glass for her. I gave him silent extra points for expressing no judgment on her sober status.

While I certainly appreciate the cocktail movement that’s taken hold over the past few years, it’s still preferable to have a lovely drink in an unpretentious setting served by modest folks.

The Corner Office at The Curtis Hotel

The Corner Office has a happy hour from 3 – 6 p.m. and, for the nocturnal set, from 9 p.m. to close. A little bird told me their brunch is pretty great (I’m looking at you, Southern-style chicken and waffles) so we’ll visit for that soon.

Get at them on Facebook and Twitter. Cheers!

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