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Furry Scurry 2015 with Team LoDo Little Dogs

Any time I have to describe myself, “animal lover” is within the first breath. I grew up in rural Colorado with lop-eared rabbits, dogs, cats and, courtesy of an uncle, horses. In fifth grade, I even rescued two science class rats from their fate as dinner for the class snake and named them Winona and Naomi, after The Judds. Shut up, you like it.

Drew and I discovered the Furry Scurry last year on the day it happened and I was so disappointed not to have participated. Denver’s Dumb Friends League1 puts on this walk every year in May to raise funds for homeless animals.

The Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry has become a tradition for many Denver area residents. The annual two-mile walk for animals takes place at Denver’s Washington Park on the first Saturday in May. As the Dumb Friends League’s largest annual fundraiser, more than 12,000 people and 5,000 dogs join us for the walk and raise funds for the homeless pets in our care.

Your registration and participation in the Furry Scurry helps care for more than 20,000 homeless pets that come into our shelters each year. Funds raised at this event allow the Dumb Friends League to provide medical care to sick or injured animals, provide behavior training that allows pets to be adopted more quickly, investigate cases of animal cruelty, and much more. Join us on May 2 to celebrate the wonderful pets in your life and to help those who are still waiting to find their forever family.

I run a meetup group for little doggies and Lauren, one of our members, suggested putting together a team to 1) raise the dollars 2) celebrate the fourth birthdays of her sibling Italian greyhounds, Gioia and Luca. She even brought yogurt cookies for the pups to nosh on close to the finish line. The birthday duo were looking fresh to death in their celebratory hats:


Our small team raised $600 and, though it’s only a two-mile walk officially, we clocked a little over five miles meandering around the route in Wash Park and the variety of different vendors. Here’s the happy crew, minus a handful of people we lost on the course in the sea of doggies:

As of this moment, the 2015 Furry Scurry has raised $672,749. If you’re having FOMO about missing the Furry Scurry yesterday, it’s always the right time to make a donation for animals in need. We will walk it again next year if you’d like to join our team! Special thanks to my dog-less BFF/cousin Ariana and Uncle Wayne for donating and walking with us.

Boris slept on the couch upside down like a rotisserie chicken for the remainder of the day. 5+ human miles = wiener dog marathon. You can follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter if you’re the kind of person that can resist adorable “adopt me!” photos. I’m certainly not.

1 Named in 1910. Forgive them, they do amazing work.

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Broken Shovels Farm Little Billy Goat

Broken Shovels Farm: Here We Goat Again

This fine Tuesday after Easter, we present baby animals.

When my dear friend Courtney tagged me in a Facebook post of baby goats asking if I wanted to go meet them in person, the answer was obvious. I grew up in farm country and one of my childhood friends was a goat named Skunk that the county tied up in the prairie next to our house in Poncha Springs to control the dandelion population. I kept him well groomed and hydrated. That’s a story for another day.

Broken Shovels Farm is an unassuming little spot off of Dahlia Street in Commerce City whose mission struck me right in the heart:

A commitment to ethical treatment of farm animals. We are a vegetarian farm with an emphasis on rescue and sanctuary, and operate from the pillars of our instituted “Rights of Non-Human Workers.” These rights include the basic right to life, love, happiness, and the right to their own children and families, as well as competent caretakers.

Even small farms can be a severe and terrible life for its animal workers, don’t believe that just because you are buying from small farms that you’d approve of the standards of animal treatment. I want to ensure a cooperative, mutually beneficial food production with my animal residents and moreover, a happy, productive, high quality life for those who provide it.

…We work to educate the public about the emotional lives and personhood of domesticated animals.

…While we are dairy producers, we advocate a vegan diet, or a large scale reduction of consumption of animal products to ensure the health of humans, animals, wildlife and the planet.

Goats are social, curious creatures. On the day we visited, Courtney and I had the pleasure of milling around the open pens with a few families. We took turns snuggling the new babies and admiring their sweet little faces under the watchful eyes of the friendly mama goats.

Broken Shovels also sells their own handmade jelly, chevre, ricotta and Icelandic yogurt. Foodies and animal lovers alike can nerd out on responsibly-produced dairy products made right here in Denver. I purchased a jar of jelly and we snagged complimentary cupcakes with chevre frosting for the road.

Prices change over time but Broken Shovels requests a $20 donation for adults and $10 donation for kids (the human ones, GOAT JOKES). Donations provide the resources for facility upgrades on the farm. Follow their adventures on Facebook to be the first to know dates for visitors. On May 3, the farm will commence their Free Sunday Open Farm and Market days.

See you there, goat lovers.

Goat Nap

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