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Postino Denver LoHi

Postino LoHi

In a town drowning in beer offerings, Postino sticks out as the Denver wine bar.

The bright, mid-century modern restaurant was the first to open in the renovated Denver Book Bindery building. With stunning views of downtown Denver that rival neighbor Avanti Food & Beverage, Postino features bruschetta, panini, salad, and other small, shareable bites.

Postino LoHi BooksWalking into Postino on Friday night with our friends Maggie and Kevin, I realized I was entering into a mix between a hip new book bar (a nod to the building’s past), a liquor store (wine is seriously everywhere), and a trippy Chihuly fanboys wet dream.

Nothing inside Postino screams, I am Italian. Arrivederci!

However, there is a certain steadfast confidence in the minimal menu options that remind me of a few Italians I met while traveling. It’s a statement of, “This is who I am. Take it or leave it,” and I respect that.

Postino Denver Butcher Block

Our group started with the Butcher Block. A mix of of dried meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, and pickles. It’s an impressive platter that I’d recommend sharing with three others. The peppered salami was the standout for me.

Postino LoHi Autostrada

After such a great start, I followed up with the Autostrada. A panini combination of sopresatta, Italian ham, cappicola, mortadella, and other fun Italian words. The star of the show by far was the bread, baked daily by the folks at City Bakery.

Something not to overlook if you go are the deals to be had at Postino. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, you can get $5 glasses of wine and $5 pitchers of any beer (that’s right….ANY beer that they have). Every Monday and Tuesday night, you can order four kinds of bruschetta and a bottle of wine for $20. Not. Bad.

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One Year of Colfax & Downing

Colfax and Downing 1 year anniversary
I keep a five-year diary by my bedside and it occurred to me the other day that we launched this little blog a year ago, already. We’ve covered everything from breakfast biscuits to burgers and color runs to goat farms. Other Denver devotees have become great reads that we never miss – special shout-outs to Deborah at Dear Denver, David at The Good Life Denver, and Justin at Denver Urban Review.

Though our posts are intermittent, Drew and I still are having a blast sharing our love story about the Mile High City with you. We would love to know who’s reading. Show yourself! Comment on this post or send us an email to tell us. Find us on Facebook, the Twitterverse, and the ‘gram.

Thanks for tuning in! Cheers to the coming years.

Colfax and Downing Bye For Now

The Fika Passport Espresso

The 2016 Denver FIKA Passport


The Swedish concept that basically means to relax and have coffee in the afternoon with friends or family. This idea of slowing down and taking time out of your day to enjoy your coffee instead of rushing off to the next thing is what fika is all about. This experience is worth slowing down for and so is the coffee itself. Two Parts, the folks behind The Passport Program, is betting that the people of Denver will agree too.

The Fika Passport Denver

Here’s how it works: From April 1 through October 1, present The Fika Passport to the barista at one of the participating coffee shops (full list below) for the deal. At checkout, the booklet will be stamped. It’s that simple.

The cost of entering into the world of fika will only set you back $20. The new passport went on sale last week and will inevitably sell out soon. Just like The Winter Warmer and The Denver Passport (which sold out in a week last year), you can buy yours on the Fika Passport website. Clare excitedly suggested I title this blog post, “The Fika Virus,” and I told her that it’s inappropriate.

As always, follow along with The Fika Passport on:

Here are the coffee shops participating in the 2016 Denver Fika Passport:

  • Allegro Coffee Roasters
  • Amethyst Coffee Co.
  • Bellwether
  • Black Black Coffee
  • Black Eye Coffee
  • Boxcar Coffee Roasters
  • Coda Coffee Co.
  • Copper Door Coffee Roasters
  • Corvus Coffee Roasters
  • Crema
  • Denver Bicycle Cafe
  • Hooked on Colfax
  • Huckleberry Roasters
  • Little Owl Coffee
  • Lula Rose General Store
  • Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co.
  • Metropolis Coffee
  • Novo Coffee
  • Pablo’s Coffee
  • Purple Door Coffee
  • Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen
  • Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
  • Two Rivers Coffee
  • Weathervane Cafe

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Handy Diner

Handy Diner’s owner, Teri Font, endeared herself to me the very moment I read the following sound bite in BusinessDen:

When my mom found out I bought a diner, she called me and drove out immediately (from Iowa) to see what I was doing. I think she thought I was having a manic episode or something. But once she saw the place, she got it.

That level of candid self deprecation mixed with a brand new diner in Five Points that features vegan fare exclusively? I’m sold.

Handy Diner Building

Formerly known to the neighborhood as the D-Line restaurant, the space is very small and unassuming. Because the diner atmosphere is so understated, the focus here is on the food alone. A shy server brought us waters, coffees and menus. Drew ordered a burger and I had the country fried chickpea steak with glazed yams. My order was inspired by the multiple Facebook reviews raving about it and I was not led astray. Drew’s review of his plate: no nonsense, a classic burger with no frills. His favorite part: the mashed potatoes. I’m still dreaming about it and words won’t do justice to the savory nature of that breakfast.
Handy Diner Burger

Rarely do I delve into why I was a vegetarian for more than a decade nor the reasons I transitioned to a fully vegan lifestyle last fall. Generally speaking, meat and dairy eaters find those kinds of monologue to be a judgmental buzzkill and this blog is meant to celebrate all things Denver. What I will say is that it’s next to never that:

  1. I can order any and everything off the menu
  2. Dine at a restaurant and not feel like an asshole when I have to ask for exceptions
  3. A vegan menu is so inventive and soul-nourishing good.

For these reasons, Handy Diner is a breath of fresh air.
Handy Diner YamsNo animals harmed! If you have a single iota of interest in vegan food, ride the Light Rail to the 30th and Downing stop and walk across the street. No meal exceeds $10 and everything is stick-to-your-ribs hearty. You will not be disappointed.

We’re wishing Teri and her crew all the success in the world.

Colfax and Downing Bye For Now

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project is a gift to the world.

Our good friends, Nate and Christine, were in town over a long weekend and as any good Denver local will do, we had to show them The Source. We walked in, looked around at a few shops, gawked at the pastries, smelled the flowers, and sampled some cheese. We were nearly finished with our little tour when Christine wanted to find out what was going on in the back room. So, we ventured a little further and found Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Before walking in, I knew all about Crooked Stave. As a massive Saison fan, it’s one of my favorite breweries in Denver. Every single beer they make is worth the (sometimes) hefty (yet albeit worth it) price tag. Christine, a fellow sour fan, had to walk in and give the place a try.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Let’s just say Christine enjoyed herself. Crooked Stave was a big hit and if you haven’t been, go immediately.

Beer List:

  • Vielle
  • Colorado Wild Sage
  • Surette
  • Autumn Surette
  • St. Bretta Pomelo
  • Pure Guava Petite Sour


  • It’s hard to keep up with their Limited Release schedule so be sure to stop in often but, if they have it, order the Nightmare on Brett.
    • This beer is aged in Leopold Brothers Apple Whiskey Barrels and is nothing short of incredible.


  • Vielle – If you can’t get your hands on a Limited Release, like the Nightmare on Brett, the Vielle is a great Crooked Stave staple. This is a barrel-aged Saison that’s lightly dry hopped and has lemon skin, pear, and dusty apple notes. Give it a try!


  • Luckily, Crooked Stave is surrounded by great options. Walk over to Comida for some Stella’s pork carnitas tacos.

Insider Tip:

  • For your D.D. friends, they have Happy Leaf on tap!



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