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Everything you need to know about the Mile High City


Hi. We’re Drew and Clare and we’re newlyweds loving our life together in Denver.

Drew was born and raised in Michigan and Ohio. He joins the ranks of most Denver dwellers as a polite Midwesterner with a penchant for craft beer. Words that describe Drew: espresso, outgoing, traveler, dapper, bearded.

Clare is a Colorado native and Denver is her first big city living. Words that describe Clare: animal lover, vegan, sober, homebody, bookworm.

We moved to Denver in November of 2013 after living in Boulder for six years. We married in October of 2014. During our first year here, we kept wondering out loud whether we should start a blog with all of our discoveries in the Mile High City. We wanted to read a blog by a young couple that was about our new city and never found one. We adore Denver and want to share it with other locals, visitors and newcomers.

We have a fur child named Boris von Snicklefritz, a meddlesome dachshund.

If you would like to see a specific Denver topic / place / person featured here, we would love to hear about it. Tell us at

A big thank you to Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari Photography for our image header, a photo of our feet on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol building.


  1. MomCat

    WOW! A launch! I’m excited to see how this develops, kiddos, good luck!

  2. Adam

    cheers you guys, can’t wait to read about your going-ons.

  3. Holly

    Cannot wait to follow your adventures around our beloved Denver!

  4. Rebecca Bouwman


  5. Catherine

    Cheers to your new venture!! Can’t wait to read all about Denver :)

  6. Shuff

    So does this mean that Denver > Boulder



  7. Congratulations guys!

  8. Tim

    You guys are ambitious! Good luck with the new website, and I’m excited to read about some of your adventures!

  9. I LOVE THIS!! Yay Clare & Drew! Btw, we should hang out sometime soon! Haven’t seen you guys really since that time in Boulder (although I did run into Drew at Denver Startup Week).

  10. Yay and Awesome!!

  11. Lauren

    Drew & Clare! This is awesome! Can’t wait to meet up for lunch in your lovely city!

  12. Rudy

    this blog will reach legendary status! Excited to be following! ;)

  13. Upcoming festival for the westside!

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